Hello, I'm Sukhwant Bal

I’m a Business Psychologist and Founder of Tools For Leading Change Limited. We started in 1999 with the ambition of delivering leadership programmes that delivered real behavioural change. We have invested heavily in developing practical tools to bring positive psychology to life. Leadership is changing. It can’t be the preserve of a few senior leaders. We need to find a way to inspire everyone to embrace change. To see the power of ‘personal leadership’ and show up each day as the best version of yourself. Now more than ever, in a world of hybrid working, we need to grow more leaders at every level.


Let’s work together and make it happen.   



  • My professional life began with a deep desire to work in the NHS as a Clinical Psychologist
  • After a PhD in Psychology and some twists and turns, I ended up working as a Business Psychologist. This is back in 1988.
  • Fast forward 10 years and I set up my own consultancy: Tools For Leading Change Ltd in 1999.
  • My ambition was to simplify positive psychology. Make it accessible and equip leaders with the tools to coach, develop, inspire and grow their teams.
  • After 20 years of field testing and delivering over 100 leadership programmes with some amazing global brands, I have the battle scars to offer a ‘tried and tested’ leadership system.
  • I’d be delighted to welcome you to the ‘grow more leaders’ community. Be part of a select few who can bring about positive change – at scale – by growing more leaders.
  • If you have any questions, want to learn more or simply want ‘in’ then book a meeting with me from this page, email me or connect via LinkedIn.