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Watch this workshop and identify practical ways to grow your coaching/consulting practice.


If you’re a Coach or Consultant and:

  • Your practice is not where you want it to be
  • You are struggling to attract new clients
  • Have not found a niche which sets you apart
  • Your aspirations are not being fulfilled
  • And you’re on the verge of throwing in the towel


Learn about Game Changers: A Personal Leadership Programme


My lightbulb moment and why I created Game Changers

I’m Dr Sukhwant, a Business Psychologist and back in 1999 I set up my own Business Psychology practice. The first 6 months were worrying times for me. I was struggling to find clients. My income levels were rock bottom and I began to wonder if I was cut-out for life as a Coach/Consultant.

That is until I found this one transformation. This one change was the key that began to change my luck and my circumstances.

With this ONE change I began to attract some fantastic brands. I was invited to deliver large scale leadership programmes all around the world. I was able to build a team around me and my circumstances could not have been more different.

I was finally making the difference I had aspired to. I was finally working with the types of clients I wanted, which in turn saw my income hit new levels. I now had the confidence I could deliver extraordinary value to my clients and have the lifestyle I aspired to.

And after many years of refining the process, I’ve decided to put together a done for you program for new and existing Coaches and Consultants. Take my tried and tested work and achieve impressive results helping businesses grow more leaders at every level.

Grow Your Practice With Game Changers

Game Changers is an amazing personal leadership programme.

All leadership starts with self-leadership. This ground-breaking programme has taken over 20 years of field-testing and iterating. We’ve now got it to the stage where we are ready to share it with other Coaches and Consultants – so you too can equip your clients to grow more leaders.

The story of leadership is changing. Given the scale of change, disruption and uncertainty in the years ahead, every business needs to grow more leaders at the top, middle and customer facing levels.

Game Changers is a plug and play programme with the tools, lessons and material you need to deliver amazing personal leadership workshops. It allows you to deliver stimulating workshops over 3 6 and 9 months, so you have the scope to build deeper levels of trust and engagement with your clients.

Game Changers can benefit teams: management teams, project teams, change teams and executive teams. You can use it to develop future leaders or high potentials. The possibilities go wide and deep. The key is to enable individuals to show up as the best version of themselves. With self-mastery individuals are able to overcome their own doubts and self-limiting beliefs. Just imagine the positive impact and energy you can bring to bear in your work. Your work in this space will be seen as life changing for many individuals.

The Game Changers Programme provides you with the tools and the means to secure high value projects to the value of £25k plus. Now I can’t guarantee you this, but it is a realistic target based on my work these last 20 years. So with a handful of clients it is not unrealistic to have a 6-figure practice.

Game Changers provides you with the means to combine one-to-one coaching with team coaching and workshop facilitation – even if this is not a core skill. We show you step-by step through our video lessons how to bring leadership to life without power-point slides. The emphasis is all about immersive experiences. Let me walk you through the 6 modules: all of which are tried and tested and truly inspiring.

Game Changers: the 5 amazing tools and 6 powerful video lessons


Module 1: How To Inspire High Performance

If you Google the subject of leadership you will get hundreds of thousands of references. There are so many theories, models, views and opinions.

It’s not the ‘knowing’ that matters. It’s the ‘doing’. There is enough ‘knowledge’ on leadership. But there is a distinct lack of ‘doing’. Any wonder why people feel they don’t get the coaching, feedback, recognition and inspiration they need?

This little black book gets to the heart of leadership. It cuts through the clutter and is full of wisdom on the ‘truth’ of what stops smart people from leading. People say I’m too busy. My boss doesn’t lead me. Leadership is for people who are at the top.

Based on the inspiration behind this book you can start to challenge and encourage your participants to lead from where they are. People role model amazing acts of leadership outside of work. They raise a family. Look after an elderly relative. Raise money for charity. But somehow live down to their role profile when they get into work.

High performance needs everyone to ‘lead without title’. To bring the best version of themselves into work and to take on challenges vs walking the other way. This module also addresses a key question: what is the  difference between the discipline of leading and the discipline of managing. Both matter – but they’re different. It’s about helping your participants to get the right balance to inspire, encourage and nudge high performance through their daily actions.

Module 2: The Leader As Coach Questionnaire and Development Guide 

High performance teams and cultures encourage coaching at every level. The idea is anyone can get coaching from anyone, anytime, any place. The beauty of this lies in colleagues being able to think aloud in a safe place. They are asked powerful questions by peers to help them solve their biggest problem and come up with a detailed plan of action.

The Leader As Coach Questionnaire is a 50-item questionnaire, which can be completed in hard copy or online. Your participants are able to calibrate their coaching skills on 10 key dimensions, five of which relate to the relationship-side of coaching and five on the process-side of coaching.

They then access the development section, which is jam packed with practical tips on how they can elevate their own coaching capabilities.

The big result: when colleagues leave this workshop they feel better prepared and more informed to adopt a ‘pull style’ of coaching. The skill lies in asking great questions and allowing colleagues to own their own solutions. This is a world apart from ‘push’ style coaching, which is based on offering advice and solutions. You’ll get all the video lessons and tools to bring this workshop to life and inspire your participants to embrace pull style coaching.

Module 3: Play To Your Signature Strengths

In this module you shine the light on self-awareness. How clear are your participants on their signature strengths?

 Toolkit Strengths

By working through the 18 Strengths cards, your participants identify the 3 attributes or qualities which have got them where they have in their careers. Leadership starts by every individual knowing what their core strengths are AND more importantly how to use them optimally. We do our best work, feel unstoppable and shine – when we are given licence to bring our best selves to work.

Every strength has a shadow-side. Often our development needs arise not from our gaps, but from over-playing our strengths. Every strength when over-played has a shadow-side. The beauty of this workshop is you help participants to see patterns, to recognise the flip-side of every strength and to self-regulate.

This module provides you with the video lessons, the material and the assets to deliver a memorable workshop. You also equip your participants to engage their own teams when they leave the workshop. So they pass the learning on. With this simple tool they’re able to help team members pin-point their strengths, how to leverage them and do their best work. At the same time, hold the mirror up and create the self-awareness where colleagues fully recognise the impact of over-playing their strengths. It’s a deeply powerful workshop.

Module 4: Motivate Yourself and Others

There is both an art and a science to motivating others. We spend too long at work not to feel fulfilled and motivated by what we do.

When we’re motivated we are willing to give our discretionary good will. That 10% extra effort, 10% extra creativity and 10% extra service. We are willing to go the extra mile.

 Toolkit Values

So just imagine the impact on your participants if you were able to show them a practical and tangible way of really understanding human motivation. We turn up to work for a whole range of reasons. Money comes quite low down as a motivator. So what are the psychological factors a Manager needs to be aware of to help each individual shine and consistently go the extra mile?

This workshop offers you the tools, the lessons, stories and tools to really bring motivation to life. It’s a critical topic for individuals to have meaning and purpose at work. What could take months and years to figure out, can be achieved in as little as 10-15 minutes with these motivation cards.

Even more importantly, when your workshop participants leave the workshop, they have everything they need to sit down with their team and have deep, meaningful coaching conversations. Personal motivation is too important to leave to chance. We know high performance and employee engagement is closely tied with personal motivation.

Module 5: How to Retain and Develop Others

Every organisation is in a war for talent. In a knowledge economy bright smart people provide a genuine competitive advantage. So how do you become a talent magnet? How do you retain and develop people to be better today than yesterday?


This module is a brilliant team development activity. By understanding each other’s values and personal motivators, a team can start pulling together vs pushing apart. Trust takes time to establish but can be broken in a few moments.

This workshop shines a light on how we can value our differences. We’re all unique. We have different drivers and motivators. The more we understand each other’s uniqueness, the more we understand each other’s behaviour. The fact some colleagues prefer to work in isolation may be driven by  their need for autonomy and freedom.

Creating a culture of trust and collaboration is crucial for innovation. Teamwork, collaboration and trust all thrive when you have psychological safety. Where colleagues know they have a voice. Their opinions will get a fair hearing and colleagues are genuinely supportive of each other.

This module will help you to deliver a highly impactful workshop, helping teams and leaders understand how to retain and develop talent.

Module 6: How To Grow Leaders Without Title

The No1 job of any senior player is to not to create more followers. It’s to inspire more leaders without title.

We have to rewrite the narrative on leadership. It has less to do with your status and position in the organisation. It has everything to do with your energy and mindset. Anyone can lead and everyone should lead themselves and lead others within their circle of influence.

You often hear employees saying I’m just a Programmer….just an Accountant…just a ‘doer’…..In short they’re saying I’m a small cog in a large organisation. I don’t have the power to make a difference. If too many people think like this, you end up with mediocrity.


We can all lead from where we are in the organisation. Growing more leaders without title helps lift individuals and organisations. It’s exciting and worthwhile work.  It lifts self worth and elevates self-esteem. Both these superpowers are abundant in high performance organisations.

The final icing on the cake is you can also equip Managers to become facilitators. Where every meeting has the potential to become a ‘learning experience’. Leaders who teach and make learning fun, empower their teams to step up and make a difference.

Pause for reflection.  

  • What could you do with the Game Changers Programme?
  • How would it help you to stand-out in a crowded market place?
  • What positive impact could you have?
  • How can you deliver inspiring workshops?
  • How can Game Changers elevate your income?

Are you ready to act and take proactive steps to take your coaching/consulting practice to the next level?

You’ll Also Get These Special Bonuses !

Our mission is to help you succeed in 3 key areas: impact (be unique), influence (deliver real behavioural change) and income (secure high value clients).

We’ve added 3 free bonuses on top of the Game Changers Programme, to overcome any concerns you might have about your capabilities to find clients, sell high value work and deliver immersive experiences. Let’s explore each bonus.

Bonus 1 How To Find High Value Clients 

We’ll guide you through an 8-week programme of how to find potential clients and nurture a relationship with them.

You only need a handful of clients to achieve a 6-figure income. So you don’t need to be posting on social media or using expensive marketing strategies.

The name of the game is to know who you want to be targeting, to start conversations and to be disciplined in growing your contact list.

With this free bonus you’ll have everything you need to build your client base, build your credibility and to start establishing trust.

Bonus 2 Consultative Selling 

Here is a top-tip you may not find anywhere else. Never agree to go-away and write a proposal. We’ll explain why this is such a poor idea.

Consultative selling is all about co-developing solutions with your clients. We’ll show you a ‘real-play’, of what consultative selling looks like in practice. The questions to ask. How to handle client objections. How to price your offer. How to get agreement from the client that they have a budget.

You’ll learn the key steps and the skills required to bring consultative selling to life. Done well it’s a collaborative experience. Only when the client says ‘let’s do this’, do you confirm everything in writing.

Bonus 3 Brain Friendly Learning 

You may not see yourself as a Trainer or Presenter or someone with a big personality who can carry a room. You don’t need to be. Facilitation and Training are worlds apart.

The skill of a Facilitator is to ensure your participants are always active. They’re solving problems. They’re working in pairs or small groups. Your role is not to ‘lecture’ people. It is to give them the tools, insights and experience where they figure things out for themselves. The beauty of this? They own their solutions, long after you have left the room.

In our brain-friendly workshop we deliver immersive experiences without the use of power-point slides. We’ll show you the exact methodology we use for storytelling, reflective activities and practical exercises, so your workshop participants are excited to be there and learning loads.

 Your investment in the Game Changers Programme 

The full 6 modules and the 5 tools in Game Changers is typically a 6 month programme for our clients. On average we charge £25k for a management team which includes one-to-one coaching sessions. This just puts into context what you could and should be charging your clients.

Our regular price for the online programme is £1 000. But for a time limited period we’re offering a 50% reduction. So for just £499.00 you can access all the programmes, all the tools and the free bonuses for £499.00. Simply use the discount provided when you get to the checkout

I hope you agree this is a small price to pay to take your impact, influence and income to the next level. But when the timer below reaches zero, the price will go back to the regular £1000. I’d hate for you to miss out on this incredible offer.

 Your Money Back Guarantee 

We want you to buy with confidence. We want you to buy with peace of mind. So if after 30-days you feel Game Changers is not what you’re looking for, we will offer a full refund. We think you’ll love the physical and online tools, the video lessons, the free bonuses. But just as a safety net for you – you have the comfort of knowing you have a 30-day money back guarantee.

I hope you can see we’re striving to be fair, add amazing value and to help you get into the leadership development space, so you can take your impact, influence and income to new levels.

It’s time to take action

As you’re here, reading this section, you can clearly see the value of Game Changers and the value it can bring to your coaching/consulting practice.

You’ll be learning the fantastic skill of brain-friendly facilitation. How to sell high value projects using consultative selling and how to build your client base. Then on top of that you’ll be getting 6 leadership modules and a leadership toolkit. All for the amazing price of £499 a 50% reduction on the normal price.

By enrolling on the Game Changers programme you can start having more impact, more influence and more income. Click on the button below and get started. This may well be the best decision you make this year to elevate your business and to get back your mojo.


If you’re a Coach or Consultant and:

  • Your practice is not where you want it to be
  • You are struggling to attract new clients
  • Have not found a niche which sets you apart
  • Your aspirations are not being fulfilled
  • And you’re on the verge of throwing in the towel




Business Psychologist

“Used the Game Changers tools last week on a 3-day Future Leaders workshop. The participants loved how quickly they were able to identify what gives work meaning. I had to extend the time planned for this exercise, as the participants were getting so much from their discussions.”


Business Psychologist

Delivered a career development workshop and have to say the Game Changers tools were worth their weight in gold! Really brought home the significance of purpose and self-awareness in making career choices.”


Business Coach

“As an experienced Facilitator, I was not sure how well the Game Changers tools would go down with this senior team. But I needn’t have worried. In the space of 30-minutes they were in deep conversations, exploring their personal motivators, where they were aligned and where they differed. They now want me to use the same activity with their Functional teams. Amazing.”


Leadership Facilitator

“Love the Game Changers tools and video lessons Sukhwant. They add so much depth and richness to my coaching conversations. I dare not leave home without them!”


About Sukhwant

I started my leadership consulting practice in 1999. I had been working with a few larger consultancies and saw a gap in the market. I could see every business needs to grow more leaders at every level – but struggling with ‘the how’. I wanted to put my PhD in psychology to good use. After all leadership is about leading yourself before you can lead others. My mission is to demystify leadership. To make it simple and accessible for any Manager to show up as the best version of themselves and grow more leaders at every level. I now want to inspire Coaches and Consultants to use the tools system and methodology I’ve spent years perfecting. After all, the world needs more leaders not followers.

Is The Game Changers Programme right for you?


Do you have a passion for developing people?


Are you looking for ways to grow your coaching practice?


Are you looking to add facilitation skills to your repertoire?


Are you looking for ways to stand-out from the crowd and attract high value clients?


Is your coaching practice in need of a boost?


Are you looking to refresh your skill sets?

If you said “YES” to any of the questions…

The Game Changers Programme will offer you practical help in 3 specific areas:

  • Impact: you’ll get a done for you programme that will help you stand-out, so you can attract new clients
  • Influence: you’ll get tools and video lessons, so you can help your clients make lasting behavioural change
  • Income: you can secure higher value projects, so you don’t have to keep hustling to find more clients

Here’s what you will receive when you invest in The Game Changers Programme


Access to 6 video lessons showing you how to facilitate powerful learning experiences


Access to 5 leadership tools, available online and physically, so you can make leadership practical and simple


Brain-friendly learning: how to be an inspiring facilitator


An eight week plan on how to find and attract high value clients


Video lessons on consultative selling: how to confidently sell high value projects

Limited Time Offer

Yes, all of this is available for a limited time only at a 50% discount.

By securing just one new client, your investment will have re-paid itself several times over.

The Business Case for The Game Changers Programme

I’ll personally walk you through how to deliver amazing experiential workshops.
Each of the 6 workshops is supported by a practical tool. So the learning is founded on ‘doing’. It’s immersive leadership, where you don’t drown your participants in PowerPoint slides, theories and models. Instead, you share stories and get them hands-on in using the tools and getting them to practice powerful conversations they can start when they get back into the business. You can also be coaching participants in how best to implement the learning from each workshop you have delivered.

Programme Content

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With the Game Changers tools and programme, you will be able to ‘wow’ potential clients with the value you can bring. In a crowded marketplace you need to be fresh, unique and stand out from everyone else. Just imagine being able to get your clients hands on with the physical tools and getting them excited by how they can be used in team building, coaching and personal development workshops.


Clients don’t want theory, models and a text-book approach to growing leaders. They want results. They want practical approaches which will help them to deliver high performance and create lasting behavioural change. The Game Changers tools and programme increases your probability of doing so. You’re not lecturing people. You’re inspiring them to be better today than yesterday.


Game Changers allows you to command higher fees, based on the fact you’re delivering a programme not one-off tactical training. In delivering team building, combining it with workshops and one-to-one coaching, you will be able to support real behavioural change and charge accordingly. It’s a classic win-win. Clients are delighted by the results you’ve helped them achieve and they can see the clear return on investment of working with you.